We are a creative, vibrant and enthusiastic little team who pride ourselves on standing out as a result of our designs, our service and our ability to deliver outstanding homes.

We are always so busy, creating, trying new ideas, using tried and tested ideas for that matter, building, cost managing, studying, talking, analysing, creating and loving every step of the way.

We stand apart when it comes to what we strive to achieve.

The PASSION and PERFORMANCE comes as standard for us, but what we truly wish to achieve is the creation of an individual property, which clearly reflects the character or our clients.

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Jason Bowker has been working in the building industry for over 20 years and has been building homes on the Sunshine Coast for since 1998.


Jason Bowker holds a Queensland House Building License, and an honours Degree in Quantity Surveying and Construction Management. As the principal of the company he is highly qualified and well grounded to provide the most professional and capable of services.

Planet Homes Qld over the last 6 years have kicked huge goals, we have been the recipient of over 15 awards for both HIA ( Housing Industry Association ) building awards and BDAQ ( Building Designers Association Queensland ) design awards within that time.

Our most proud moments have come when we are judged against our peers at both State and National levels. Winning and coming runners up in categories such as homes Up to $750K, Display Home and Spec Home categories

Our portfolio is diverse in building unique and individual homes. Our expertise lies in Waterfront Homes, Acreage Homes, Holiday Homes, Homes on Sloping Sites and we do an awful lot of knocking down and rebuilding in many beach side suburbs.

Our typical contract range is between $500, 000 to $1.5M


Our main emphasis is on passionate performance, its two small words that mean a great many things.

Passionate is me, I love what I do. I get to explore my imagination and create my ideas every day.

What our clients love about us, is the fact that, if we love what we do, then we do it extremely well.

The Performance is about everything.

  • It’s about being the best people we can be.
  • It’s about meeting and exceeding expectations.
  • It’s about providing a service for our clients and an understanding that we work as hard as we can for them.
  • Driven to be solution and outcome focussed.
  • Delivery of a home isn’t easy and many people shy away from decision making or find it overwhelming. We provide all the information for our clients to make the most informed decisions.

Mob: 0438 152 508