We provide a thorough and COMPREHENSIVE DESIGN and building service to create beautiful homes designed for the climate from CONCEPT TO COMPLETION.

NO block is the same and we have no standard designs, but we do have STANDARD PRINCIPLES

We truly believe INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS and the characteristics of every block we build on, requires a full CUSTOM DESIGN and construction response. In simple terms, the front door isn’t always at the front and the patio at the back!

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  • Deal directly with the owner of the business, throughout the entire process

  • Very personable service with all needs listened to and catered for

  • No “ Chinese Whispers” dealing with 1 person ensures you get what you ask for
  • High level of professionalism
  • Highly qualified, Builder License Holder, BSc (H) in Quantity Surveying / Construction Management
  • Former Queensland Building Services Authority manager
  • Personal updates and meetings
  • Vast knowledge
  • Enjoyable and engaging process


  • Clear concise specification and special requirements
  • Full design and innovative service
  • Fully coordinated information between engineering, suppliers, manufacturers, Energy Assessors, Certifiers and other professionals
  • 3D imagery so you get to see the building and its style/detail from the start of the process
  • All approvals managed and sought EG BERS rating, Building Approval, Development Approvals etc
  • Project Management information and progress charts
  • Full professional interior design service

Quantity Surveying Service

  • Full 80 point tender breakdown of all trades and supplies
  • Transparent contracting process providing cost management
  • Clear understanding of costs of building
  • Ability to value engineer and value add
  • Advices and building cost options

On Site

  • Every trade closely supervised and briefed
  • Consistent use of tradesmen
  • Cooperative and informative process, explaining construction detail and requested variation requirements
  • Regular updates and site meetings
  • Consistent and accurate cost reporting